Passive weight loss in Cassano delle Murge

Passive weight loss in Cassano delle Murge is the best solution if you have weight problems and you want to improve your shape. In our beauty centre, there is the body age, an innovative and up-to-date instrument, aimed to make people slim down and improve customers’ shapes. The system uses modular electricity and infrared radiations, employed only in specific parts of body, where there is unnecessary fat. Infrared radiation is used only in specific areas and it causes a raising in temperature that helps in the elimination. The modular electricity is used to make the muscle do some gymnastic in order to tune up the muscle, without arousing cardiovascular problems. Therefore, this body age system guarantees important and concrete results to people who wants to have a healthy life and a tonic body, without working too hard. This is a periodical system beacause you can repeat the treatment between 2 and 4 times, each of one within 48 hours.
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