Beauty centre in Cassano delle Murge


Our beauty centre is aimed to completely satisfy the requests of our customers, offering innovative and pleasant treatments. Our qualified staff carries the customers into a beauty path which makes them feeling more beautiful and more self-confident and also it makes them taking advantage on their bodies and their souls. Our beauty centre, with the philosophy of full beauty, propose different types of services such as face care, with focused activity on delicate and dry skin, anti-age treatments, body car, varied choice of massages hailing from all over the world and epilation. For what the basic service of a beauty centre is concerned, we offer also the traditional hair removal system for women who don’t want to have an everlasting epilation: for this traditional system we use the hot depilatory wax, which can guarantee 20-30 days of smooth skin. Moreover, we can also propose all the other important and traditional treatments for nails, such manicure and pedicure. We have the semi-permanent polish which is a simple polish, without any type of dangerous essences, that could be affixed on nails and it is ready in 30 seconds. In addition to these previous services, we also have body and face customized treatments, such as makeup, remedial makeup, and makeup for every occasion, in order to make women relaxed. We can also advise you on the use of particular processes in order to prepare your skin for the treatments you want to do: you can do an exfoliator treatment that can helps you in the hydration and lighting of your skin. Finally, we offer also a solarium, anti-panic solar shower, for people who want to enjoy all the year a perfect tan, and a sauna, up to 2 people for each treatment, I which you can take advantage of colour therapy, pressotherapy and aromatherapy.


We propose also lots of packages for relax with the offer of different massages. Below, a list of massage you can enjoy in our beauty centre:

  • Haemolympathic massage
  • Lympathic drainage massage
  • Stone massage
  • Connective massage
  • Reflexogenic massage 
  • shiatsu
  • Ritual massage
  • Polynesian massage
  • Drainage massage
  • Exfoliator massage
  • Regenerative massage
  • Hydrating massage
  • Lipoclastic massage
  • Anti-cellulite massage